About Jon Prichard

Jonathan Prichard was born in Chapel Hill, NC.  He received an M. F. A. in sculpture (2010) and a B.F.A. in painting and printmaking (2003) from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC.  He works primarily as a drawer and property-based performance artist exploring visual representations of psychological states and situations.  He finds artistic inspiration in the challenges, obstacles, absurdities, and impossibilities of life.  He works to transform these circumstances into stylized beauty and cultivation of wisdom.  He is interested in the interconnectivity of artistic disciplines, and enjoys collaborating with dancers, musicians, poets, and artists from other backgrounds.  Prichard is a principal member of the performance art ensemble Sinergismo.  He currently lives in Charlotte, NC, with his wife Brittney and two cats.  He has been working as an adjunct instructor at Winthrop University since 2011, teaching 3D design, drawing, and performance.