The Grappler

This piece was conceived around the idea of failure and restriction caused by egotism, pride, and misplaced ambition.  The painted and striped wooden structure alludes to a dated idea of future technology—technology that allows the human to function in new and improved ways.  This suit, however, makes movement extremely difficult and potentially dangerous.  The medallions that hang off the structure represent achievements.  As the structure is moved, the medallions fall off.   These medallions can be retrieved with a grappling hook, but this is also more for show than function.  Only through great effort and likely the loss of other medallions can a fallen medallion be retrieved.  The mirrored backdrop refers to vanity and obsession. 

This piece was originally performed on March 31st of 2012 outside the Genome Gallery in Charlotte, NC. Event collaborators included Nick Bloomberg activating a light sensitive canvas, Gretchen Jax as a tap dancing tree, and Elroy! providing musical accompaniment for all. 

In April, the piece was performed solo at Winthrop University.